Everything you need to know about endless swimming pools

Never-ending swimming pools are made for propulsive current stationary swimming. You can swim “endlessly” in them without every turning, and once you get this pool, you will never want a bigger one. Endless exercise pools also permit you to go for water aerobics. The best part is that this e550 endless pool’smaintenance price is very low.

The standardized size of the endless pool in India is 8 feet by 15 feet or approximately 3 meters by 5 meters. You need at least 10 feet by 18 feet space for this pool installation. Some variants come in larger sizes where two swimmers can swim at once.

Advantages of a never-ending swimming pool

A large or small endless pool is a great alternative if you enjoy swimming but don’t have the room or desire for a full-sized pool. You can practically install these pools anywhere outside or inside. Moreover, swimming in these endless pools is an excellent form of workout. These indoor or outdoor endless pools are a great method to reduce joint stiffness and increase strength, whether you swim against the stream or engage in various water activities.


Not only do the outdoor or indoor endless pools cost less, but they use far less water and chemicals to maintain cleanliness because they are a small fraction of the size of conventional swimming pools.


These pools, especially the outdoor endless pool’s low-stress setting, are ideal for physical therapy exercises that enhance true flexibility, balance, muscle strength, and pain management. A low-impact underwater treadmill is one of the many optional extras you can fit.


The endless pools in India cost around Rs. 350000 to Rs. 550000. If you go for an outdoor endless pool for sale, you will see that they are a little bit more expensive than the indoor ones, starting at around Rs. 850000. The indoor endless pools cost lesser than the outdoor ones in India, around 1.59 lakhs.

E550 endless pool price in India

E550 endless pools offer the best swimming and water fitness experience. These pools enhance the active space with standing spa zones and a wider width of 94 inches. These pools are expensive, and a small endless pool costs around 10 lakhs.


Endless pools in India are thus a great solution for large swimming pools, especially if you are looking for water exercises. There are indoor and outdoor endless pools, and you must keep an eye out for endless pools for sale at a lower price as they can be quite expensive.